Membership Options

We have several membership options available and convenient for you.

  • Unlimited - as many CrossFit group classes a week ($185/mo.)
  • 3x A Week - limited to 3 CrossFit group classes a week ($165/mo.)
  • 2x A Week - limited to 2 CrossFit group classes a week ($129/mo.)
  • 10 Sessions - 1 month expiration date ($150)
  • Personal Training - 30mins or 1hr (Fees vary)

What to expect during your FREE trial session...

Contact us by filling out the form below. We'll reply back within 24 hours to schedule your 1-hour FREE introductory session. Here are the steps and expectations once you submit your info to us:

  1. Download our waiver found on this page and fill out to bring with you.
  2. The session is for YOU to evaluate US; not the other way around. We already know how intimidating all this can be. The last thing we want is to make you feel like we're judging you. You will learn about CrossFit JAX and how membership works. More importantly, we'll also get to know more about you & your goals!
  3. The 1-hour session will end with a quick workout so that you can experience what a CrossFit workout is like, so please wear something comfortable.  A bottle of water would also be handy, although we have them on-site should you forget. The workout itself will be around 10 minutes long, and we will be there right beside you for every minute of it.