Programs & Services


  • Through our group CrossFit classes, we improve your fitness and ability not only inside the gym, but more importantly outside the gym so that you can interact with your daily environment in a more safe, effective, and efficient manner.
  • We also offer private training sessions with one of our coaches so that you can accomplish your fitness goals quicker. These sessions can be done on a personal 1-on-1 basis, or with a friend or partner!


  • Barbell WOD is purely a strength program that improves both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting movements designed to improve your technical proficiency while promoting balance.
  • Through consistent training & practice, improve both your strength and power to increase your overall general fitness.
  • This program is supplemental to your monthly group CrossFit classes and not meant to replace your CrossFit training.
  • Minimum requirements are 6 months of consistent CrossFit group classes, and an active CrossFit JAX monthly membership, or verified proficiency.


  • Our "Jax & Jill's" program is for kids ages 3-14 emphasizing proper functional movement to ensure safety throughout childhood and adolescence. This translates to physical literacy, enhanced sports performance, while minimizing injury.
  • Not only does it improve a child's academic studies, but also keeps them physically active in a fun environment where they get to PLAY in a functional manner that translates in sports and everyday life!


  • The foods and drinks we consume provides energy for all mental and physical activities that we do. At best, we fuel our bodies with quality choices that not only sustain our energy levels throughout the day, but also improve our health markers. At worst, we fuel our bodies in a manner that take us on a roller-coaster ride with our energy levels, decreasing our health markers by the day, making us sicker in the long run.
  • Because of this, we believe that quality nutrition forms the FOUNDATION of our entire program and is PRIORITY in improving both health & fitness.
  • We offer nutritional education, guidance & accountability based off of empirical (tried and true, factual, evidence-based) data. Our goal is to improve objective measurable health & fitness markers by what we consume.
  • NOTE: We are not licensed nutritionists or dietitians, nor do we prescribe to cure any condition. We provide options in best practices and advice for the client.

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