CrossFit is a group exercise program that will get you in shape quicker than anything else around. It's founded and based on the following:

  • Varied workouts from day-to-day, eliminating routine & boredom.
  • Movements we do in everyday life (sit, stand, lift, push, carry).
  • Intensity at YOUR level (we GUIDE your progress; not PUSH YOU overboard).

The group environment keeps you motivated! If you've never done the same workout along side other people, then you are in for a whole new world. What we've found over the past 12 years is that working out ALONE is unfortunately the quickest way to lose motivation and desire. If that's true (which you know it is), then working out with a group of like-minded friends is exactly what you need to stay committed. It truly is an amazing's about COMMUNITY. Come try us out and experience it for yourself!