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Why Us

Whether you know it or not, you CAN do this. You might not believe in yourself, but we believe…

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PROGRAMS & SERVICES FITNESS Through our group CrossFit classes, we improve your fitness and ability not only inside the…

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Drop Ins

Drop-ins (non-members/visitors) If you currently do CrossFit elsewhere and want to drop-in for a workout, give us a heads…

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Welcome to CrossFit JAX

“Doing all the right things, for all the right people, for all the right reasons.”

We’re a small community committed to having fun while getting healthier in the process. A professional service, surrounded by respectful & caring people who want nothing more than what’s best for you. Stop trying to achieve your goals alone; come in and join us…do something you’ve never done before in order to achieve something you’ve never had!

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Class Schedule

Monday to Saturday
12:00pm - 2:00pm
David Patrick
Body Building
Monday to Saturday
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Martin Lobo
Monday to Saturday
7:00am - 9:00am
John Doe
Monday to Saturday
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Joseph Paul

Our Services


Through our group CrossFit classes, we improve your fitness and ability not only inside the gym, but more importantly outside the gym so that you can interact with your daily environment in a more safe, effective, and efficient manner.

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Our “Jax & Jill’s” program is for kids ages 3-14 emphasizing proper functional movement to ensure safety throughout childhood and adolescence. This translates to physical literacy, enhanced sports performance, while minimizing injury.

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“Named must your fear be, before banish it you can.” – Yoda Amy’s story made me realize something about CrossFit — actually the most…

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6-8 servings Here in the south, we seem to have a reputation for casseroles that involve pouring a can of “cream of something” soup…

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20 min amrap: 400m run 11 power snatches 95/65 17 pull ups 13 power cleans 95/65

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